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Steve and Becky have combined their passions to create what has become Beckwith Cavaliers. Becky truly enjoys spending time with her dogs training and showing them. The whole family gets involved in raising the puppies and seeing their personality’s blossom. Steve discovered that he loves photography and is always seen with a camera at the shows, taking a picture for CJ’s ads, or catching those special moments with the puppies. He always ends up with puppies crawling all over him while trying to take pictures.

Becky has been associated with dogs almost her entire life. She started showing in 4-H with a Lhasa Apso named Gabriel. She also showed him in AKC Juniors and put a Companion Dog obedience title on him.

Our first exposure to a Cavalier was Copper, a Ruby. Our oldest son, Jeff, wanted a dog and after spending several months researching the different breeds we decided on a Cavalier. Jeff also did 4-H with Copper taking top honors at both the county and state levels in 4-H in showmanship and obedience.

Becky’s first Cavalier was a Tricolor puppy named Annie. Annie earned titles in obedience and rally, obtained her Canine Good Citizen title and also became a Canadian, AKC, and International Champion. This experience propelled Becky back into the showing environment where she has since put numerous championship titles on dogs.

Located on the southern end of beautiful Whidbey Island, we are a short 5 minutes from the Clinton-Mukilteo ferry terminal. The 20 minute ferry crossing from Mukilteo brings you to Whidbey Island where life is certainly on a slower pace. Beckwith Cavaliers is located in a very rural area where our fenced yard allows for plenty of room for our Cavalier family to run.

Our Cavaliers are dual registered in AKC and CKCSC, USA . All of our breeding dogs’ results for hips and patellas are submitted to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. They also have their eyes examined by a board certified ophthalmologist and their hearts examined by a board certified cardiologist.

We have been members in good standing with the Cavaliers of Puget Sound AKC regional club since 2002 where Becky has served in various capacities including club treasurer and Steve is currently the webmaster. Becky also belongs to CKCSC, USA and the Cavaliers of the West, a CKCSC, USA regional club.

We have on average one to two litters per year. If you are interested in acquiring a puppy, please send an email to Becky so that you get added to our waiting list.

For more information contact...

Becky Smith
Whidbey Island, Washington

(360) 341-4475

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Beckwith Cavaliers
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